Time-Dependent Quantum Transport

TQT is a C++ library which I implemented for my PhD thesis. This library computes the time evolution of quantum states in various materials, like electron-hole gases, graphene or topological insulators.
During the propagation different observables can be recored and used to compute spectra or transport properties of mesoscopic systems.

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Source + compiled library (Ubuntu 64bit, 15 MB)
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Here are some results of my PhD thesis, which are calculated with this library.

  • Quantum Transport
    Extraction of the scattering matrix from the time evolution.
  • Qt Grafik Interface
    By linking with an extended library, a Qt graphic interface can be easily added to every TQT program.
  • Propagators
    Different propagators are available for systems with open/closed boundary conditions and with or without explicit time dependence.
  • Different Hamilton Operators
    Simple implementation of k.p Hamilton operators.
  • Multi-Core Implementation
    All propagators and observables are implemented for multi-core computation.

Screenshot of a TQT program with Qt interface.

Multi-core computation of the action of a k.p Hamiltonian.